“Traditional grains from our own crops, Emmer and Spelt, play a key role in our brewing”

From Quality Ingredients

Our brewery is located in the beautiful sceneries of Malmgård Estate in Loviisa, just an hour away from Helsinki. Inspired by the surrounding lands, availability of home-grown grains and direct access to fresh spring water, we decided to set up production here in 2009.

We renovated a big old farmhouse just next to the estate mansion to create modern brewing facilities. With equipment that was originally meant for brewing British Ales, our production capacity reaches up to 500 000 liters per year making Malmgård one of the biggest independent small brewers in Finland.

Traditional grains are the essence of Malmgård and give special characteristics to our artisan handcrafts. Spelt and Emmer wheat are two often used grains in our brewing. Home-grown Spelt is found in Dinkel Ale, the first beer we ever brewed. Emmer wheat in turn, is found in Emmer IPA and Emmer Tripel as the name gives away. All in all we use grains from our own fields which makes us unique. We appreciate fresh and local ingredients collected from as near-by as possible.

We love to develop new tastes and since we started, our beer selection has grown. We have limited editions for pubs and restaurants e.g. the Proto series and season handcrafts like the Christmas beer. Despite the growing success, for us, brewing is still a delicate business and a careful handcraft. We don’t compromise on quality but always strive for the best. After all, good beer is not only made with the best of ingredients but with the best of skill and passion in it.