“I feel privileged that I get to brew beer for a living”

With skill & passion

We are a team of six beer-loving enthusiasts that makes the magic happen at Malmgård. We all share a passion for handcrafts and take great pride in the art of brewing.

Our skill and experience translate into consistent quality. We guarantee that our beer tastes exactly the same with every bottle and production batch. Our brewing method is established and we are systematic in our handcraft. When it comes to tasting, we rely on our sense but have also regular measurements in place for quality control.

We are committed in brewing only the best and we want you to be inspired every time you drink our beer. That’s our aim and that’s how we brew it.


Tuomas Markkula

Tuomas is the brew master of Malmgård, an experienced beer professional who works like a top chef with the precision of an engineer. For him, fresh quality ingredients serve as a daily source of inspiration. A typical day for Tuomas includes preparation, product development, getting ingredients along with tasting, testing and managing quality controls. Tuomas is also a renowned and well-established brewing teacher in Finland.

Markku Pulliainen

Markku is in charge of sales and distribution to restaurants. His collaboration on beers with Tuomas goes back over twenty years. Every now and then, Markku goes over to the production side to help the team. He produced his first beer back in 1978 by mixing ingredients in a tin can. The results were, according to him, “absolutely terrible.” Since then, his skills have developed considerably, and among other things, Markku has been named the Finnish Master in Sahti production.

Stefan Nyman

Stefan manages both retail, and restaurant chains. In addition he also runs export sales. When asked to join the growing team at Malmgård, he was immediately ready to jump in. Stefan is active sports guy who enjoys surprising combinations in tastes. According to him, Malmgård’s own Arctic Circle Ale serves as a great aperitif when enjoyed from a champagne glass. Or, instead of cognac and coffee, a glass of Tammi Porter will do the trick as digestive after a meal.

Lasse Lehtonen

Lasse was taken by quality beers early on after reaching the legal drinking age at 18. While studying bio and food technology, he had set his eyes on working for a small brewery or somewhere within organic food production. Ultimately, beer won his heart and he is now the production manager at Malmgård. Lasse’s typical tasks include everything from process management to quality controls and equipment cleaning. Versatility, ensuring good taste, maintaining high quality and the appreciation for handcrafts are elements that play a key role in Lasse’s work.

Janne Paturi

Janne’s journey at Malmgård began when he came in to the brewery for an internship while studying food and bio-technology. Having previously worked in the production line of a larger company in bottling, the opportunity to continue working for a smaller brewery offered new challenges, diversity and a chance to learn new. His passion for brewing grows stronger every day and Janne feels he’s found the his home at Malmgård.

Veikko Ojanen

Veikko has been working as a brewing professional for many years. He’s educated in process technology and kitchen management. At Malmgård, he is fascinated by the ancient grains used in the beers, malt and hop in particular. In his work, Veikko focuses on careful tasting of different blends and batches. He also calculates all quantities and tweaks the right proportions in place. Veikko appreciates quality ingredients worlds, in the brewery as well as in the kitchen.