Malmgård Eldorado Brown Ale in Alko

Malmgård Eldorado Brown Ale is available from March in Alko as a seasonal product. This new product of ours is a dark brown, nutty and biscuit-malty beer, which gets plenty of fruity aromas from El Dorado hops. Finnish barley malt and spelt create a rich body with a dry, nutty aftertaste. Product information: Alc. 6.0% | 14.5 °P | 50 EBC | 50 EBU

Malmgård PROTO#13 in tap 8.3.

Proto#13 is a strongly-hopped reddish-brown ale that gets its coniferous and resinous aromas from the branches of conifer trees. The tropical fruity aromas of the hops and the resinous flavour roll as smoothly as a Finnish skier Marjo Matikainen did at the World Championships in Oberstdorf in 1987. We are not sure whether Marjo used spruce or pine branches to polish her skis, so we used both. Availability»

Microbreweries from Uusimaa introduce themselves!

Malmgård Brewery will be attending HOK’s Microbrewery Weeks from 3 to 31 March. Brewery representative, Markku Pulliainen is having a beer tasting at Ølhus Oslo on Wednesday 22 March, and on Thursday 23 March our Master Brewer Tuomas Markkula will give a talk on the world of beers at the Belge Restaurant. See all restaurants »

Malmgård Amarillo Tripel February in Alko

This golden-colored Triple-styled Ale will be available in Alko’s Artisan beer campaign in February. The Ale is aroma hopped with Amarillo. It is strong with citrus fruit and spicy aromas. Taste is full-bodied and dry yet warmingly spicy experience. Product info: Alc. 9,0 % | 18,5 °P | 23 EBC | 35 EBU

New - Malmgård Oak Porter

Malmgård Oak Porter available in chosen restaurants in February. This tap porter is flavored with Bourbon whisky oak chips. The porter has chocolate like roasted taste with aroma of soft smokiness and a hint of vanilla.
See availability »

Alko's selection getting bigger

Malmgård Emmer Tripel has landed in good company in Alko's standard selection! Other ales in the standard list are Malmgård's Belge, Dinkel, X-Porter and Emmer Ipa. But always good to check your nearest Alko's availability: here »

Tasty collection of our Ales at Alko!

Now you can find an epic set of Malmgård Ales at Alko; the good old collection as well as the season Ales: Arctic Circle Ale, American Pale Ale and Barley Wine − go and collect yours in time! You can check out your nearest Alko's availability here »

Malmgård Christmas Ale available in retail stores!

Only 65 days till X-MAS!»
Don't worry. Our Christmas beer is now available in retail stores, supermarkets and restaurants for the holiday season. Go and get yours ;)

Malmgård American Pale Ale now at Alko!

Our new product Malmgård American Pale Ale available at Alko now. Malmgård American Pale Ale is an unfiltered light-copper ale. The aroma is grapefruit like with a hint of pine tree. It has full-bodied malt flavor that finishes with a fruity and pine resin like bitterness. See availability at your nearest Alko here »

NEW Malmgård Eldorado Brown Ale in tap 29.9.

Let's welcome autumn with this nutty and fresh unfiltered Ale available in tap from 29.9. onwards. You can enjoy Eldorado Brown Ale 6,0% at these chosen restaurants» Cheers!

Malmgård Golden Ale – September's special tap beer

Malmgård Golden Ale is a special tap beer only available in September in sperific HOK-Elanto beerhouses. This light Ale has a fruity aroma and a full-bodied malt flavor that finishes with subtle hop bitterness. It is a well-balanced british style ale that gets extra softness and roundness from the home-grown oats. Go and have one here»

Malmgård PROTO#12 in tap 14.9.

Oat is this year’s theme for the Proto series. In all three beers, oat is used in different ways but the season’s last beer definitely takes it to the next level. Proto#12 is a sturdy, malty, moderately hopped Scotch Ale that earns its dark brown color from roasted home-grown oats. The full and balanced taste is crowned by smoky and rich aromas from beechwood-smoked oats. Because we are craft brewers we also smoke the home-grown oats ourself. Availability»

NEW – Malmgård Apple Cider

Our new product Malmård Omenasiideri - Apple Cider is available now in well-equipped grocery stores around the country. This tasty thirst quencher is a dry unfiltered apple cider. It has a light, fresh and filling apple flavor with a dry crisp after taste. Give it a go and tell us what you think!

Proto#11 in tap 8.6.!

Oat is this year’s theme for the Proto series. In all three beers, it is used in a different way. We wanted to shake off traditional formulas and create completely new taste experiences.
In this year’s summer Proto, we break off traditional barriers by adding home-grown oats and oat malt to a German Wheat beer recipe. Light hopping, fruity aromas from wheat beer yeast together with the fullness from oats create a truly unique taste combination. Whilst highly respecting the German wheat beer traditions, we brew beers in our own style! Availability»

New Malmgård APA in tap 14.4.

This full-bodied, crisp Ale is a special tap beer made to welcome spring. So, a great reason to open the terrace season! Where you can go and enjoy one? See here » Product info: 75 EBU | 23 EBC | 13 °P - Malts: Pilsner, Vienna and Chocolate malt - Hops: Pekko, Centennial, Mosaic

Malmgård Imperial IPA now in Alko

Our new product Malmgård Imperial IPA can now be found in Alko's shelves around the country! This soft and warmly malty Ale is only available as a season product. So good to can make sure that your nearest Alko still has it, look availability here »

PROTO#10 opens the series!

Oat is this year’s carefully chosen theme for the Proto beers. It is used in three different ways to give flavor and character, promising yet another versatile setting of delicious tastes with ingredients straight from our own fields. Proto#10 makes the opening as this year’s first Proto. It is a well-balanced british style ale that gets extra softness and roundness from the home-grown oats. The malty body is finished off by a lingering aftertaste of bitterness coming from Norther Brewer and East Kent Golding hops. Availability »

HOK-Elanto IPA weeks 7.3.–31.3.

Our newest product Malmgård Imperial IPA is as a tap beer at HOK-Elanto beerhouses in the IPA weeks 7.3--31.3. There is a great bunch of quality beer on the menu. Our IPA can be recognised by it's intense fruty aroma. As it is made with Emmer wheat, the taste has lovely softness and a warm malty flavor to it. Go and have a tase!

News - Emmer IPA available now at Alko

Emmer IPA known from Emmers special flavor is now available at Alko’s standard selection. Did you know you can check each stores specific availability from Alko’s pages directly here »

Winner of Hyvä Tuomas 2015

Brew master Tuomas Markkula from Malmgård together with Esko Pajunen are chosen as the winners of Hyvä Tuomas 2015, a yearly competition held by the Finnish Beer Association. The recognition stands for groundbreaking contribution towards the Finnish Beer culture. The winners were chosen at the event held at Bryggeri in Helsinki Dec 21st. Read more here ».