“We taste each batch at least three times before sending it out to customer”

Our Products

Our beers are unfiltered Ales brewed naturally without any extra additives. These products are established as regular favorites and praised for their excellent taste.

Malmgård Dinkel

Alc. 4,5% 5,3%

Malmgård Dinkel is a golden-colored ale brewed with Finnish malt, our own spelt and spring water. The aroma is brisk and fruity, the taste is soft and malty. Spelt brings slightly nutty flavors and a crisp aftertaste. Best served at 10 degrees.

25 EBU | 18 EBC | 10.5 °P

Malmgård Blond Ale

Alc. 4,2%

Malmgård Blond Ale is a light-colored fruity ale. Home-grown wheat, Finnish malt and fresh spring water give the beer a soft body and pleasant taste. The citrusy aroma comes from the combination of four different hops and Belgian yeast strain. Best served at 6–8 degrees.

20 EBU | 10 EBC | 10 °P

Malmgård Belge

Alc. 8,0%

Malmgård Belge is a copper color, Belgian style, strong ale. A special Belgian yeast is mixed with barley malts and our own spring water giving a soft malty taste that is complimented with fruity and spicy flavors. Best served at 10 degrees.

28 EBU | 30 EBC | 18.5 °P

Malmgård Emmer IPA

Alc. 6,2%

Malmgård Emmer IPA is an unfiltered India Pale Ale. The aroma boasts of tropical fruits and coniferous forests while the taste is yet of soft Emmer wheat combined with a sting hop bitterness. Best served at 8–10 degrees.

77 EBU | 13 EBC | 14 °P

Malmgård Emmer Tripel

Alc. 8,3%

Malmgård Emmer Tripel is an unfiltered Tripel-style and golden-yellow colored ale. The full-bodied taste comes from Emmer Wheat. It is strong and warm with fruity and spicy aromas. Best served at 8–10 degrees.

33 EBU | 13 EBC | 18.5 °P

Malmgård Columbus Pale Ale

Alc. 4,7%

Malmgård Columbus Pale Ale is an unfiltered light-copper ale. The aroma is distinctively fruity and features a full-bodied malt flavor that finishes with hop bitterness. Best served at 8–10 degrees.

35 EBU | 18 EBC | 11 °P

Malmgård Barley Wine

Alc. 10,4%

Malmgård Barley Wine is an unfiltered dark-brown beer. Strong, warm and malty with a fruity body and an aftertaste consisting of the sting of hop bitterness. Best served at 12–15 degrees.
Season product.

88 EBU | 49 EBC | 22 °P

Malmgård Jouluolut

Alc. 4,5 %

The deep red color of Malmgård Christmas Beer, "Jouluolut" and roasted, malty aftertaste join us in wishing you a taste-full Christmas. Best served at 8–10 degrees. Christmas season product available in October-December.

27 EBU | 65 EBC | 11 °P

Malmgård Imperial IPA

Alc. 8,9%

Malmgård Imperial IPA is an unfiltered, copper coloured double IPA. Made with Emmer wheat, the taste has softness and a warm malty flavor. The aroma is fruity and aftertaste vivid and bitter. Best served at 8–10 degrees. Season procuct.

85 EBU | 29 EBC | 19.5 °P

Malmgård Omenasiideri - Apple Cider

Alc. 4,7%

Dry unfiltered apple cider. Light, fresh and filling apple flavor with a dry crisp aftertaste. Best served 6–8 degrees.

Malmgård Arctic Circle Ale

Alc. 7,3%

Malmgard Arctic Circle Ale is a dark-brown, heavily malted beer brewed with fresh juniper twigs and rye malt. Full-bodied as a taste experience with a surprising pinch of juniper. Best served at 8-10 degrees.

60 EBU | 80 EBC | 18.5 °P

Malmgård X-Porter

Alc. 7,0%

Malmgård X-Porter is brewed with a lot of roasted malt. The taste is generous, soft and chocolate like while turning into a more bitter and dry roasted toward the end. Best served at 8-10 degrees.

50 EBU | 250 EBC | 17.5 °P
  • PROTO series

    PROTOS are limited edition beers sold three times a year at exclusively chosen pubs and restaurants. Each PROTO is unique and available on tap for a limited time only. This series gives you a chance to get acquainted to our new taste combinations.s.

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  • Huvila products

    The Huvila beers are where it all begin for us. Before the brewery existed in Malmgård, Tuomas and Markku used to brew in Huvila-named restaurant in Savonlinna. A few of the recipes tagged along as we set up shop officially in Loviisa at Malmgård and are still in production.

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